Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How Far Will You Go for a Fresh Egg?

Photo credit: Edmund Rek

If I had a buck for everytime Dawn is mentioned in an article..

"Dawn Woodward, owner of Evelyn's Crackers, an artisan baked-goods company in Toronto, will show up at the market at seven in the morning for farm-fresh eggs or drive an hour out of town to find them. When she's leaving the city, she phones ahead to place an order with one of the hundreds of small farms in the country that sell pastured eggs.

“The flavour is better,” she says. “They are fresher and richer. They're sweeter, a fuller flavour.” She prefers eggs laid by hens allowed to scratch and wander – when she can get them."

...I could buy a dozen eggs.

Link to full article by Sarah Elton for the Globe and Mail, Food and Wine Section: Here

What does Spicy Dal and Jian Ghomeshi have in Common?

They met at the CBC Artisan Market, of course. Jian purchased a package of spicy dal crackers in between his segments on CBC Radio Q, which he hosts. (It is great when two celebrities can get together.) We are big fans of the CBC and it is quite a treat to meet people behind the voices.

Here is a little more about the market from Sheryl Kirbey of Taste TO:

"Okay, so customers are not going to manage to get all of their grocery shopping done in one fell swoop, but people really did seem to appreciate the market and the artisanal food on offer. When I arrived at the official start time at last month's market, St. John's Bakery had already sold out about 50% of their stock (many vendors actually set up at around 8 or 8:30am to catch the on-the-way-to-work crowd). And Dawn Woodward of Evelyn's crackers remarked that most of her sales were for snack items such as her lavender shortbread cookies."

Here is a link to the full article: Here